Free Style BMX

Free style BMX consists of various types of BMX riding. This form of BMX is actually considered an extreme sport as riders are always pushing themselves to create new tricks and the ticks they do are usually dangerous as it pushing their abilities to the limit. The sport doesn’t have any rules or limits, but since some of the stunts are fairly dangerous, be sure to wear some protective gear, no point in being a hero that gets hurt.

There are different styles of riding involved with free style, which includes park, street, trails flatland and vert. With the article we will look at 3 of the most common types of free style. One of these styles might just describe something you are interested in or currently practicing.


Street includes various types of tricks in urban areas. Riders usually seek out a place that has many different objects they can use for their tricks such as railings, steps and just about anything else. The bikes usually have a few additions, which helps them do even more tricks with pegs, which are used for grinding and gyros that allow them to freely spin their handle bars around. This style also requires a smaller sprocket to get instant power and not have any big items get in the way of the tricks you are performing.


Park is definitely pone of the most popular forms of riding under the free style category. These parks also host many other forms of riders such as skateboard, rollerblades and even scooter. BMX is popular with these parks as they have the ability to perform a wide range of tricks in one place. The idea of these park is very similar to street, but instead of going out looking for objects to use, the park will have everything you need.

Parks consist mostly of wood and other of concrete. You do get some steel constructed parks, but these are not very common. Public parks mostly consist of concrete and are usually found outdoors. They use concrete for it strength and ability to cope with the elements earth throws at it from time to time. These are also popular for the bowl and side bowl construction, which lets the riders test the laws of physics to a certain point.

Wood is indoor and usually privately owned, in which case riders are required to pay a small fee to get in. Wood is used as it gives riders the ability to achieve better speeds and not get hurt due to its softer nature. Wood parks are also smoother and consist of a few unique designs as well.


Vert is commonly found at parks, but is actually quite a difficult concept to get used to. Vert refers to the vertical faces of the half pipe, which is the other reference to vert. To understand what a vert is, you would need to think of a tube or pipe. Cut the pipe in half and you will basically have 2 verts. Cut the half pipe into quarters and add a short flat platform between them and you will be good to go. The half pipe allows riders to take advantage of many different tricks as they are able to gain incredible air when exiting the pipe on either side. Riders also use the edge of the exit to perform tricks and it usually has a steel tube built in for grinding.