Extreme Events

There are many different extreme events that involves some rather dangerous tricks and styles. With BMX riders you will find some of the most extreme sports as they are usually willing to do just about anything. Sure it takes the riders a while to perfect, but once they set their minds on it, you will be surprised at what can be achieved.

There are many very popular events around the world, I’m sure many of you have heard about the RedBull extreme sports, Nitro Circus and the X games just to mention a few. These events are some of the most desired achievements for riders as they are considered the hardest in the world, which in a way means only the best riders can attempt them.


RedBull is involved with so many different forms of extreme sports and have sponsored any riders to better themselves while showing off the RedBull brand proudly. I’m sure many of you have seen the RedBull logo involved with motocross, rally racing, surfing and so much more. BMX is also a massive park of RedBull when it comes to their events and the best part is that the company sponsors different skill levels and ages.

Nitro Circus

Nitro Circus is a team of extreme sportsman who are up to try anything and break records. This team had quickly become known as the wild side of extreme sports. A usual day for these guys is simply taking some type of sport and doing the impossible with it.

They have become very famous for their achievements on motocross bikes, base-jumps, doing double backflips with BMXs and various insane stunts on the water. As you can imagine they get hurt a lot and when you are pushing the limits these injuries are usually serious. There has been many situations where these situations were close to deadly, but somehow these guys just dodge it.

X Games

The X Games is another forms of event where professional riders and come and show what they are made of. Very similar to RedBull events, the X Games also features many types of extreme sports, which once again involves BMX as well. With the X Games you can expect incredible tricks in the air with massive ramps, amazing park tricks with one of the most advanced setups and many other forms of BMX tricks such as flatland and even downhill.

How to Join

Nitro Circus is not an event where riders compete as they do stunts on a level that is just too dangerous and serious. This means joining the Nitro Circus is not exactly an option for someone who wants to be seen as a professional rider.

RedBull and X Games are far more in line with becoming a professional. These events usually require an invite or a certain skill level before you can join. Sponsorships come easy at these events if you show them everything you got out on the track. These events also have some impressive prizes for the winners of each round, which are judge is various ways to best suit the style.