Difference Between BMX and Road Racing Bikes

Racing bicycles for the road are one of the most advanced forms of cycling technology available. These also are one of the most expensive forms of bicycles as they can range well into a few thousand dollars and way beyond. They are many reasons that these bikes are so expensive. And why they use the technology they do.

Its impossible to use a racing bike for a BMX purpose and the other way around. Both these bikes have been created for their specific tasks and abilities. In this article, we will look at some of the biggest differences between the two forms of racing bikes.


Racing bicycles have much different frames than any other type of bicycle. In many cases these frames are made from super lightweight materials such as carbon fibber. This is already one aspect that makes these bicycles extremely expensive, but also are highly desirable. Because the frame is so light, it allows the rider to preserve his energy while for achieving the same speeds. Racing bikes usually have place to keep a water bottle and other accessories the rider might need during training or racing.

BMX frames are much smaller and usually consist of a heavier metal to accommodate the strength required to deal with jumps and bumps that are found on a typical BMX racetrack. BMX bikes are also used for other forms of tricks, which require lightweight frames as well. In these cases, the frames are usually made of a mixed between chrome and alloy, which still gives them the strength to deal with great punishment, but makes a bike much lighter for better handling.


Racing bikes usually have much thinner wheels, which allows them to cut through air so the rider can achieve much greater speeds and stability when racing. These wheels are also made from carbon fibber most of the time, but can also consist of other lightweight materials.

BMX wheels are once again made to handle the punishment of jumps, which means they are heavier and much thicker. BMX wheels are also smaller in diameter, which gives the rider the ability to control better while doing tricks and landing.


Racing bikes have various styles of brakes. The bikes usually use callipers on both the front and back wheels. These brake systems are also very lightweight and give the rider incredible breaking precision.

BMX bikes have various brake set-ups, which will depend on the form of racing or riding taking place. However, they also use a calliper setup, which basically pinches the wheel between 2 blocks. BMX brakes do not offer the precision found on racing bikes, but are also less than half the price.

Handle Bars

Racing bikes have different handle bar styles, which allows the rider to either steer with his hands or rest his forearms on the sides. Since these races can take place over huge distances, these types for handle bars are very useful.

BMX bars are adjustable to the back and front, but mostly come in one style and size. There are a few custom bars available, but at the end of the day they provide the same features.