Building your BMX

To build your own BMX sounds like we mean you build it from scratch using odds and ends around the house, but this is definitely not what we are referring to. Building a BMX means you start off with a few parts and get all the custom parts you desire before putting everything together. It’s important to do some research on the type of bike you want as well as the type of riding you will be using it for.

Many people choose to build brand new frames, but there are actually many different bikes to choose from when you look at secondhand stores, online classified or even speak to some riders who might have a few options for you. This could save you quite a bit of cash while giving you the opportunity to find a bargain on a good frame.


Many others parts can also be found with secondhand options, but be sure to limit yourself from buying parts that should really be new. These items include bearings and delicate items that are easily damaged. With those items it’s better to just take out your wallet and get them new, which will also give you better peace of mind.

The frame

Frames are very difficult to bend or mess up, which makes them a safe item to buy secondhand. Don’t worry too much about scratches, unless you hope to find a bike with original artwork, but in all other cases sticker kits are available and to re-spray a frame won’t cost much.

Once your frame is complete be sure to remove any old bearings and items that might have stayed there from the last owner, if you bought new, you should be good to go.

Small Components

Small components are very important before you start to put your bike together. Make sure you get new bearings and other items within the frame such as nuts and bolts before you start to put it together. Once it’s all together, you might just find yourself stripping it all again to replace an old part. So rather be safe than sorry with these items.

Handle Bars and Gears

Both these items are easy to find and there are not too many options to choose from unless you willing to take out of big bucks to buy custom. However, if you are not on a professional level yet, I would recommend that you stay with what’s on the shelf, but get the best you can.

Handle bars are all basically the same, you get different sizes and designs, but they don’t really make a huge difference in your riding. Just be sure to get a size that suits you best.

Gears or sprockets rather can be quite different. This includes their size and abilities, which could change your ride completely. It’s at this point where you would need to be familiar with what your goals are within the BMX world. Tricks would require a smaller sprocket and racing would be better with a bigger sprocket as it delivers better top speed.


There are many other components that can be used on the BMX, which includes various customizations for tricks and looks. These include items such as pegs, which is great for tricks, but not allowed in racing. SO be sure to read up about requirements of each class available.