What is a BMX

BMX is a type of bicycle that is mostly used for trick or riding as well as off road. The first noticeable difference with this type of bicycle is that the frame is usually much smaller, which gives the rider greater control when doing all types of strokes. The smaller build is also easier to handle and gives the rider a much different riding position than found on a mountain bike.

These bicycles are involved with all types of sports, which includes off road track racing, free style and even some extreme sports. This form of bicycle has been popular for many years and has been involved with the trick riding and racing for more than two decades.


These bikes are made from various types of steel, which depends on the its purpose and of course the price tag. Cheaper BMX bikes usually consists of steel, but the more expensive bikes range between aluminium and high grade chromoly for even higher tensile steel. They have been many developments and tests with these bikes to make some even lighter, which includes carbon fibre and other super light materials. These materials never became very popular as the bikes were just too expensive and not as strong and durable as the standard steel makes.

The Hub and Gearing

You will also find various types of gearing on a BMX bike, which is simply not seen on a mountain bike wall street racing bike. Unlike racing and mountain bikes, a BMX does not have adjustable gears. This is a great benefits when doing tricks as it delivers incredible amounts of torque and control on the pedals. Traditional BMX bikes used to have a 44/16 during a ratio, which has been made and much smaller with track and racing bikes. The smallest can go down to 22/8, which will definitely not deliver a great maximum speed, but will definitely give you the short end power needed for trick riding.

With this type of gearing, the hub is usually much lighter and the gearing is much smaller. This makes it easier for the rider to jump with the bike and do other tricks such as grinding without the during getting in the way.

Wheel Sizes

There are many different wheel sizes that are used on the spikes, which can once again change the entire feel of the bike. Most riders choose a 20 inch wheel, but their range from 16 to 26 inches, which can be used for various reasons. Many taller and all the riders choose a bigger wheel such as the 24 inch made for freestyle bikes by Haro and Sunday.

The bikes can also consist of various amounts of spokes. A standard BMX bike usually has 36 spokes, but some professional riders choose fewest votes for much more. It all depends on the purpose of the bike and what the writer prefers. Some bikes are bold with 18 to 28 spokes and others go up to 48 spokes, which is very uncommon as they are difficult to source.