RedBull Events

RedBull is the biggest energy drink provider and has made a massive name for themselves worldwide. The marketing team involved with this energy drink has taken things to the max by creating many different ways for the brand to be seen. The started off small with sponsors, giving away free drinks at events and billboards.

All this marketing turned into some massive when the company decided to feature their own events and give their fans and the fans of many different sports they features a place where they can see it all.


RedBull events started to grow so fast that they quickly became some of the main event provides for many extreme sports, which includes BMX, downhill racing, surfing, rally racing and so much more. The company basically has some type of involvement with any sport that is considered dangerous and extreme, which is just another reason they grew so fast.

Types of BMX events

There are a few types of BMX events offered by RedBull. This includes vert, which usually features some of the biggest half-pipes available. The event can take place in different ways. The rider will either start on the one side of the pipe and have a certain amount of time to do the tricks or they start on the top on a much higher ramps, which gives them the opportunity to gain a lot of speed before entering the half-pipe. With the ramp they usually gain a lot more air, which gives the riders the opportunity to perform some incredible tricks. The half pipe also has some great opportunities, but the riders cannot achieve the same air.

Park is also popular at these events, which requires the riders to perform a whole different range of tricks in a park that features various objects. The riders are given a certain amount of time and ranked on the tricks they do and how well they do them. Doing a huge trick is not all that impressive if you don’t do it perfectly, these judges would rather see an easier trick done perfectly, than a hard trick not done so well.

Flatland is popular, but very competitive. Riders are usually gives a painted circle in which the rider needs to remain while doing all the various tricks, As you can imagine this form of sport require amazing balance, which also depends greatly on the bike and the equipment fitted. This will be judged by the tricks done and how well they are done. It’s important to do as many tricks as possible without leaving any part of the tricks out.

RedBull events are definitely a dream for many riders out there. These sports are dangerous most of the time, but always entertaining. To reach this type of level in your BMX career you will need to focus on joining as many events as possible and making sure you practice and get seen as the smaller events. Before you know it, bigger events will come your way till you work your way up to the RedBull events.