Recording your Tricks

Recording your latest tricks is always well worth the effort. Especially if you are involved with a sport like BMX. Many think there aren’t many ways to record yourself when you are alone, but actually there have been incredible advances in technology that would prove you wrong.

These items are still fairly expensive, but are coming down in price at a rapid rate. As many of you might know, there is a full range of action cameras out there that can give you incredible picture quality while being super strong for all your best moves.

Record2Normal Action Cameras

Normal action cameras can be used in many different ways. Most people choose to mount these cameras to their handle bars or on their helmets, which will capture all the action possible. These cameras will capture everything you see with a wide lens and various settings. Brands such as Sony has a remote that straps to your wrist. On this remote you will be able to see a live feed of what the camera can view, while also giving you various options to change the picture quality or select different mores.

Every wonder how people are getting such great action shots while riding. Well it usually an action camera. GoPro and so both offer a full range of these cameras, which has the abilities to provide setting that can record at 120 frames per second. This means you will be able to play your videos in slow motion and not lose any picture quality.

Action cameras can also be used in the wet, so going through a puddle of water or using it on a rainy day is no problem. The cameras come with cases that will protect them from water and damage when dropped or knocked by something while you ride.

Following you

The latest addition to the action camera world is stands and drones that can actually follow you. These are usually sold separately from the camera, but will definitely benefit you when riding, racing or just practicing.

There are different ways to use these drones and stands, which all depends on how much you are willing to spend and what your requirements are.

Hexo+ is one of these brands that provide a drone. Your camera can be clipped into the drone and record you from the air. The drone works with a mobile phone that has all the settings you could need. Simply download the app once you have the drone to see all its great features. Users have the ability to select the angle and distance of the drone, which means you can get the best shots while taking full advantage of your favorite sport.

There are also many other products, some work with a wristband, which is tracked by the drone, causing it to keep the camera on you. Most of these drones are waterproof and can simply be started by throwing it up in the air. This will cause the drone to take over and begin to fly. To get them back to you, you can simply hold out your hand and the drone will fly to you.

The stands mentioned above also come in many shapes and sizes. The best camera to use in this instance is a 360 degree cameral, which records everything around it at the same time. Other stands also follow you, but remain station. These stands are great for indoors or when riding in a specific area where you will be around the camera the whole time.