Pump Track

Many of you might wonder what a pump track is. Well it’s quite simple actually. Instead of having an off road track that finishes at the start point, a pump track is also off road, but starts and ends at different points.

These tracks or trails are usually set up in a park area where there are trees and not much grass, which makes it easier to navigate around the course. A group of people would usually mark out the course with banners and tape to guide riders as they make their way through.

Pump tracks used to be mainly for mountain bikes, allowing riders to take full advantage of the features their bikes have to offer with a track that can be navigated at your own pace. Racing also started happening at these tracks, but instead of having a group of riders start at the same time, they would time you instead. The rider who got through the track the fastest would be the winner.
BMX riders also became interested in this form of racing as it allowed them to prepare for just about anything a BMX race track could throw at them. Obviously BMX bikes are not designed for this time of terrain, but many riders decided to do it anyway and go through.


Pump track racing has never been known as a massive sport as downhill riding became a lot more popular, which is basically the same thing, but a lot more dangerous and challenging.

Why Ride Pump Track

As mentioned above, a pump track will provide a terrain that won’t easily be found on a race track. These tracks consist of what nature has to offer, which means it could get tricky at times, but why should BMX riders do this?

Well there are many reasons. Riders will be able to learn how to handle speed better while finding the best way around various corners. Pump tracks also have some obstacles that will need you to keep your balance perfectly while maintaining a decent speed.

All of these turns and obstacles will give you an advantage with racing, free style and even trick riding as they push your abilities to the limit, especially when you are doing these tracks with a BMX bike. There are various jumps and banked corners that will increase your reaction and for all you know you might just find a few new tricks along the way.

What do I Need

To ride a pump track there are a few things you will need. Most people prefer to use a professional mountain bike, but to get the BMX benefits out of it, I would recommend going with your BMX. Make sure you have brakes on both the front and back and that everything on your bike is in good condition.

You will need to wear protective gear as mistakes can send you down a different path with trees and bushes. For this reason you need to wear a helmet and I would recommend some type of glasses, but the glasses are not a must.

Furthermore, consider wearing a breast plat and possibly some knees and elbow guards just for incase. Long sleeves are also recommended to protect you from getting scratched up from branches and bushes along the way.