How to get into the Sport

Getting into the sport might require a bit of prep work before you even consider what type of line you would like to go into. Riders will need to consider all the options or be prepared to buy a different bike later on if you get interested in a different type of BMX riding. This is why many riders out there have more than one bike, it’s not that you can’t use the same bike for most styles, it’s more about the right bike making it much easier to do the tricks required.

As you know there are many custom parts available. You wouldn’t want a trick bike with a small sprocket and thinner wheels to go to an off road track as the sprocket won’t give you much speed and the wheel won’t deliver the same grip quality.


It the same as trying to take a track bike for trick riding, the bigger sprocket makes it hard to get the power you need on demand and the thicker off road wheels are a bit too heavy to balance properly, especially if you try to do the tricks involved with flatland.

Step One

Get yourself the right bike. There are a few different frame sizes available, which are made for different sized riders. A 4’9” to 5’2” rider would fit well on a 18 to 19.5” frame. Up to 5’5” would use a 20 to 20.5” frame and finally, up 6’ would fit better on a 21” frame.

These sizes might not seem to have a huge difference between them, but once you rise them, it’s easy to see the benefits. These bikes have adjustable handle bars and seats, which can be used to adjust the bike for small differences in high and to make the bike comfortable.

Be sure your bike is fitter with the right equipment for the style you are going for. Most would recommended buying your parts from one supplier, but mixing it up is also find as long as you get the best quality equipment from each of them. Going cheap will come back and bite you before you know it.

Step Two

Practice is your next step. Don’t avoid the track or park because you feel you are not on that level yet, these tracks and parks are filled with riders learning just like you. It’s definitely the best place to go and meet other riders who might have some skill, talk to them and learn from them.

There are many races and competitions that feature riders of all skill levels. Join these competitions as it gives you experiences and opens doors when you start to develop skill.

Don’t rush yourself to try tricks that are out of your reach. Chances are you going to hurt yourself and not be able to rider for a while. Take it show and learn as you go. Focus on your bike as well and make sure you are comfortable, if not, do what’s needed to get your bike where you want it.

Step Three

Once you’ve done some competitions and possibly won a few, you will notice that people start to notice you as a rider. You might need to go to bigger events to be seen, but you also don’t want to go to huge events with riders that are way beyond your skill levels. Give yourself time and enjoy the ride.

Kills are developed each time you ride. Stick to what you believe in and keep joining events. Build yourself up and before you know it, you are invited to the bigger events.