Different Types of BMX Bikes

Since BMX sport became so incredibly popular, various types of racing and trick or riding came along. This allowed each and every person with a BMX to compete in the various styles available. This game everyone an opportunity to find something they are passionate about and good at to enjoy with their bicycles.

The design of a BMX also allowed riders to push their limits as these bikes were simply indestructible. The small components that could break in the case of a fall or while doing a track could be replaced with stronger components, which became known as part of the custom selection available for these bikes. Some of these components are actually stronger than the bike itself and come in a variety of colours and designs, to suit your style.

Below we will consider some of the different styled bikes out there and what they consist of. Some of these bikes require incredible strength and others need to be lightweight, but also offer some strong points. The lowest below is not created in any order, but simply includes information about the various types of bikes are available.


This form of writing usually requires a very lightweight bike, which usually leads to riders taking off wait in every possible way. In many cases, breaks along with their tables and levers are taken off as part of the weight reduction. Since these parks offer a smooth terrain where speed is your friend to do the best tricks you are capable of. Reducing the weight makes it easier to manoeuvre the bike in the air, while also having the ability to fix small errors without having to deal with a great amount of weight.


Dirt bikes are very similar to those used in park, but before all the weight reduction equipment has been removed. This means the bike still have its brakes and all the standard components and it came with. In many cases riders would add components to make the bike stronger and easier to handle in dirt.

The most noticeable difference on a dirt bike would be the tire size. Usually did riders choose a thicker tire with deeper threats, which gives them better handling and grip during the corners and when accelerating.


This form of competition requires the bike to be completely balanced in every way. This is one of the most complicated forms of trick or riding the sport has to offer, which means a little bit of weight to either side could change the result of your trick completely.

Many riders choose a lightweight frame along with lightweight components that provide precision without much effort. The brakes are usually upgraded to have a stronger hold without requiring much pressure on the lever.


Racing BMXs are different in many other ways than your traditional standard bike. First of all, these are usually lightweight bicycles that feature lightweight wheels and better brakes. You will also find the front pocket is much bigger than on a standard BMX or a trick ride BMX as a bigger sprocket will allow you to reach a much greater top speed, but at the same time requires a lot more power to get going.


In this category you will find most bikes have the most additional custom components as they are required to complete various tasks. These bikes are usually easy to see as they feature pegs on the front and back wheels, which are used to grind and complete various tricks.