Difference between BMX and Mountain Bikes

Mail many differences between a mountain bike and BMX, which are quite obvious. However, in this article we will see why a mountain bike can be used as BMX and the other way around.

Mountain bikes are mostly used for Wolfe road riding and sometimes racing. BMX on the other hand is a bicycle that has been designed for trick riding and off road racing. Racing with a BMX usually takes place on a set track with high jumps and in banked corners. This form of racing is usually very high speed and consists of up to eight riders competing against each other.


They has also been many forms of mountain bike racing, but none that became incredibly popular on an international level. Mountain bikes are used to compete in various other types of competitive riding, which usually occurs with one rider at a time and will be time based results.


The size difference in these frames are quite obvious as the mountain bike is much bigger. Other than that, you’ll find a mountain bike has additional attachments to make your routing experience more comfortable and enjoyable when going on long trials. BMXs on the other hand are designed to take more punishment, which makes it much stronger and steady. Since the prime is a bit smaller, a BMX is easier to handle and to do tricks with.


BMX wheels are once again much smaller than those of a mountain bike. This is once again to have better control when doing tricks. A stand BMX wheel usually measures around 20 to 24 inches, which all depends on the class you are racing in.

Mountain bikes have wheel sizes ranging from 26 to 29 inches. The bigger wheel sizes give riders more control and stability when riding over rocks and the use of the items that could appear on a trial. The bigger size also gives the rider the ability to lean back without losing balance.


They all various types of BMX brakes that are used for various types of writing. With off road racing these bikes who usually only have a back calliper to slow them down when needed. Other forms of BMX brakes would appear on the front and back wheel. This allows the rider to do more tricks and is especially used for free still riding.

Mountain bikes on the other hand can use various types of brakes. A few years ago, a mountain bike used the same calliper system as found on BMX bikes today, but with the advancement in technology, these bicycles now use disc brakes, which are actually very similar to the brakes found on a motorcycle. This allows the rider to stop much quicker and have more control on the stopping power required.

Handle Bars

This is yet again quite a noticeable difference between the BMX and mountain bike. The BMX handle bars are much bigger and can be adjusted to the front or back to accommodate different sized riders.
Mountain bikes mostly use a flat bar, which can’t be adjusted to suit different sizes, but is usually a bit wider to once again provide accuracy and control while riding on different terrains.