Buying a Complete Bike

As with many other things in the BMX world, you would need to consider various things before you buy a complete bike. Most importantly is the size, price and accessories it comes with, is the bike right for the type of riding you do? Do you need to change anything on the bike? Are those parts available?

There are many other questions that should be considered and many things you would need to look out for when buying the bike. Most people would say just go buy a new complete bike, but then again if you are going to take you that time of cash, you should consider buying the parts loose and getting exactly what you want. Might cost more, but at least you will get what you want.


Buying second hand is another great options, just like you other riders have also been putting their bikes together, getting custom parts and making it unique in their own way. These bikes might not be your style, but at the end of the day you could always strip it and use the various parts.

Choose an Option

Buying a new complete bike might be a waste of time, unless you find the bike that is perfect for your style and requirements. If you are willing to take out that cash, then it’s definitely your best bet.

Buying parts will give you the ability to go completely custom and unique. This option might cost more, but the bike will be exactly what you want.

My personal favorite option, look into second hand. Most people think that second hand bikes are all messed up and broken, but actually in most cases the bikes and parts are in great condition and sometime require a bit of work or no work at all. You will be able to find great parts and save a huge amount of cash at the same time.

Why Buy Complete Bikes

Looking at second hand bikes you will mostly find complete bikes for sale. There are some people who would just sell a frame or some wheel and other parts, but the benefit of buying complete is that you get everything on the bike for not much more than the cost of a frame on its own.

It’s very possible that the bike might not have everything you want it to have, but make sure it at least has 80% of the things you want otherwise walk away. There is no point in guying a second hand bike just to go home and replace every part, unless it has a great frame for a good price.

Many riders bike these second hand bikes for certain parts and use the other parts on the bikes they have from other purchases. To make their money back they would build bikes with the parts they don’t want and sell them again. Most of the time you would get the parts you want, meet other riders and possibly put a few additional dollars in your pocket.

There are certain components you should always buy new, such as bearings. This applies especially if you buy second hand. Most of the time you won’t be able to tell what brand the bearings are and what condition they are in, unless you strip them, which is a mission all on its own. Rather be safe and get new components for the frames you use.