BMX Racing

BMX racing is one of the most popular forms are bracing in the whole bicycle category. The form of rising attracts an incredible amount of spectators from around the world. There are many different events with BMX racing, which also attracts many different riders.

This form of sport has come into existence from the popular motocross sport in the 1970’s. Motocross is a form of motorbike racing, which take place on a dirt track with various jumps and high banked corners. The track is very similar for BMX racing as these original motocross tracks were also used for BMX racing.


Today you get specific tracks for both BMX and motocross, which look very similar, but actually differ in a few ways. For example, BMX tracks are shorter in distance and usually consist of higher jumps to give riders the opportunity to jump while not achieving the speeds of a motorised bike. The track is usually just as wide as a motocross track, unless there are certain tricky parts for riders.

They are various age groups that joined the sport to challenge their friends are to reach a professional level. As you can imagine, each and every teenager that joins the sport dreams of becoming a professional. Someone does begin at the incredibly young age of two years old. Obviously, they use no championship or any form of competitive racing for those age group. The professional ranks only begin at around the age of 18 and go all the way up to the age of 40. They all someone as who are much older than 40, who are still recognized as some of the best riders in the world, but are simply too old to still be competing.

Bike sizes

Currently, they are two different bike sizes that are involved with professional BMX racing. These sizes include a 20 inch wheel, which is commonly used with smaller and younger riders. Wheel sizes can go up to 24 inches, which are more commonly used by all the older riders. The 24 inch wheels are becoming a lot more popular with the sport in all professional ages.


Even though BMX racing is an individual sport, many riders going together to learn from each and have a greater opportunity to get sponsored. There are many benefits to receiving sponsorship as this can produce an income and provide various upgrades for the bicycle. In most cases, the sponsor will require the rider to wear the company name on their clothing so they can be recognized doing the event, which creates a perfect marketing tool.

The track

Each and every truck has its own characteristics when it comes to the various jumps, bumps and corners. Step up refers to a small hill that usually occurs right before a bigger hill. Berms refer to a high speed corner that usually has an embankment, allowing the riders to take the corner without breaking. Double refers to two hills very close together, which can be quite tricky to perfect. Step down is the opposite of step up, which means a small hill is presented after a big hill.

They are for many other types are bumps and jumps that occur on these racing tracks to make it more competitive and thrilling. Getting into this sport will require you to be somewhat fearless the first few times you get on the track.