BMX Games

When mentioning BMX games some of you might think I mean games you can play on your actual bikes, but instead I mean games that are available on computer and gaming consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation.

As many of you might know, there are many different games available for each of these gaming options, which include the perfect games for everything. BMX type games might not be for you, even if you enjoy the sport. However, some of these games will definitely impress and teach you a few things about the sport.

Many of the games also features the career path, which is actually quite accurate. The tricks might be a little farfetched with some of the games as it allows riders to achieve much greater air than what possible with the speed and ramp in the game. With this set apart, you can still expect an amazing gaming experiences and take full advantage of the games featured below.

Games2Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX

This game is quite old, but still such a blast to play. The game was launched back in 2001 after the incredible success of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater game release. The game features various pro riders that can be used in free mode. Players have the ability to create their own characters for the career mode, which consists of various levels and still requirements.

Just like in real life, you need to build up your skills by actually doing the tricks more and more. As you get better, you will find everything becomes easier, but required much more from each trick. For example, going on a half-pipe as a beginner, you will be able to complete a 360 or even a 540, but once you build up your skills and train your rider, you will be able to hit 720, 900 and even 1080 quite easily. Obviously this is part of the farfetched part I mentioned, but at the end of the day it’s fun to reach to heights and do as many tricks as possible.

Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX

This game was created by rival developers from those who created Mat Hoffman’s game. This one was called freestyle and presented a very similar gaming experience than you could find on Mat Hoffman, but with a few things different. The track and course was different and the controls differed a little, but in terms of graphics and abilities in the game, it wasn’t much different.

The idea with the game is to create any many tricks as possible to build up your score as high as possible within a certain time period. There are many obstacles to use and perform tricks on, which will give you great scores, but for the best scores you need to perform trick after trick, which is quite difficult, but possible. It also depends on the types of tricks you do and be sure not to fall as it crushes your scores.

Both these games are still played all the time, unfortunately they are not available on the latest consoles much as the Xbox One and PS4, but you might just be surprised when you find out the range of BMX games going to these new consoles.