BMX Accessories

Since the very beginning of BMX back in the 1970’s various companies have come up with custom parts to make the bikes stronger, easier to do tricks with and most important, lighter. More and more of these companies came into assistance as the sport became bigger, which also saw more bike designers and manufacturers how all had their own special set of accessories, which would make your ride better, fast and simply more fun.

Riders began to come up with their own way of making their bikes better by mixing the parts from these companies. Some would use the best seat from a different company, handle bars from another and wheels from another, well you get the idea.


This make companies focus in a new direction, which was to offer bikes as a bare frame. This means the frame has nothing in it and can be built up from scratch. This became a very popular feature as riders could choose the paintwork design and the type of frame they wanted before even thinking about the custom parts they choose. Many people also started showing interest in the second hand market, which was basically the same thing, but at a fraction of the price.

Today, the same things are still happening, but manufacturers have started to use more advanced methods to produce these items by use stronger yet lighter materials, which is a great benefit for any rider, but as you can imagine this comes at a pretty price as well.


Starting out in the sport, most people just go out and buy a decently prices complete BMX, which is usually a steel frame, which is quite a bit heavier than the custom frames available. Lightweight frames are made from various materials, which include Chrome and alloy. Maybe developers have also used more expensive and lighter materials such as carbon fiber, which works well, but not nearly as solid as steel.

Your frame needs to have some weight to it as it is used to control every trick you do. You need to be able to work with the frame and balance the weight evening along with all the other components on the bike. The frame is your starting point, so be sure you get the right frame for the job, whether it’s an off road bike with a thicker neck or a lightweight trick bike.

Wheels and Handle Bars

Your wheels are very important and come in a great variety of options. These include lightweight, heavy, different sizes and amounts of spokes. Each of these factors need to be considered for the time of riding you are interested in once again.

Most standard wheel are 20 inch, but most riders doing free style and off road are choosing the 24 inch wheel, which has been designed to accommodate taller riders, but the bigger wheel is also known to offer better control and handling.

Handle bars are all just about the same, but you do get lighter and heavier ones to accommodate different requirements. There are most size differences available, but I would stick to standard if you are just setting out. The grips and brake levers are completely customizable to grip style, colour and many other factors.

Obviously there are many other parts of a BMX that can be adjusted, which would take forever to explain with all the features they provide and each rider sees things differently and wants different results. The best way to get your BMX up to your level is to ride and experience.